Pity it was so wet for the Diamond Jubilee this weekend. I feel sorry for all those holding outdoor activities. Just to brighten things up here is a picture of one of my jubilee pots (the blue isn’t out yet!)

Jubilee pot minus blue

Pigeons have already started their jubilee fest on my young cabbage plants. They will be netted after today.

Cabbage complete with brassica collar

My tomato plants are the sturdiest ever this year. I think it must be the seaweed feed I have been applying to all the herbs and vegetables. I hope they are as prolific with their fruit. I have been growing Alicante and Gardener’s Delight for the past few years with success, also the hanging basket variety Tumbler, which is marvellous. I keep meaning to try some different varieties but then I think I will play safe.

Tomato plants ready to pot on