I am trying out growing on plug plants with a view to selling them, somehow, when they are large enough.  I bought 90 plug plants from Norfolk Herbs and they are fine, sturdy little things. This is an experiment as I have no idea how quickly they will grow to a reasonable size.

Herb plugs growing on

 I am aiming to produce 18 large pots with 5 herbs in each and will do a couple of assortments:

basic i.e. rosemary, thyme, curled parsley, sage, mint;

type 2 – Prostate rosemary, golden marjoram, french parsley, thyme ‘Silver Posie’, lemon verbena;

type 3 – Apple mint, purple sage, french parsley, tarragon, lemon thyme.

I am hoping it won’t be too difficult to sell just 18 although I also have some of my own cuttings and divisions to sell to add a bit of variety. It may well be that they won’t grow large enough this year and I will have to keep them for next year, which is not really a problem.

Any tips on selling plants locally would be gratefully received. I get the impression from talking to some people that selling in a small way is not any easier than a larger scale operation and that if I really want to do it I should think bigger but as I said this year is very  much experimental. Having mentioned my plans to a few people I already have a few potential customers.